Above the Law – Deep Az the Root Lyrics

Artist: Above the Law
Album: Legends
Genre: Funk

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[Verse One: KMG]
See I wakes up in the afternoon
Somewhat kinda slow
I’m thinking about the homie he just got caught
He ain’t never bang befo’
Yeah, it’s ’97 it’s too late for that shit
I don’t trip, I take a sip
And then I think I’m still drinking
Yeah the hood is leaking
All my little freaks is like creeping
Then I found out
All them niggas we put down was like bitches
Motherfucking snake ass bitches
See, never no mo’ slipping
I’m still tripping how they say ‘Pac gone
But I still hear them songs
I guess the real niggas feel it
And all the cowards around the world really didn’t
(I know they didn’t)
See I need’s a new bag to bag big head Monopoly money
It ain’t funny
A nigga need them bills to fold
When I roll, we in the industry we like hoes on a stroll
So I’ma stick a nigga fo’ I go
See ah, my youngest daughter she like spoiled
So if I have to sell a gang of cavi and spread my soil
I’ma do this cause my nigga’s rent due
Plus all that little shit that me and Kaos done been through
Plus collaborations from my nigga Hutch
He keep a nigga pocket broke huff
No no’ swap meet, 10K
A nigga feel good on a stroll through Coitier (who wanna play?)
I still hang with my niggas that sell that shit
I tell you how much it cost and where to get it
ATL got clientele so you know that we gon’ flip it
Riding wild in the west with a meal ticket

Sometimes I can’t fight the feeling
These setbacks they come by the millions
Life is one big escapade
You won’t know till it’s too late
Sometimes I can’t fight the feeling
These setbacks they come by the millions
Everyday’s an episode
Can you handle the load?

[Verse Two: Cold 187um]
Now I was told to sit down and shut when grown folks speak
And keep your head in them books fuck them streets
But instead I be out here and with my next of kin
Trying to dodge doing 20 in the pen
So count me in
On the half of them two thangs
So I can paint a much brighter picture for my frame
And count change
My baby mama think that I’m a bank
She thinks my car is always on a full tank
Yeah, mama be telling me to slow down
Take a deep breath
And take a step and look around
Uh, yeah
Cause I don’t think that I can grind forever
I got to trust who I can trust and put up with bad weather
I shake broads to the left
Cause I don’t know who gon’ try to gank me and shank me for my wealth
Yo, I learn from my great uncle Ken
That there’s a thin line between you and your ends


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