Lil Wayne – Why Stop Now Lyrics

Artist: Lil Wayne
Album: Valley of Death
Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Man, fuck these niggas
Man, fuck these hoes
T just roll a big long blunt
I smoke that bitch till it’s Muggsy Bogues
I ain’t got time for that bitch shit
Glock, automatic, no stick shift
My girl pussy bigger than pig lips
My blunts last longer than friendships
Man, I was on my skateboard
It ain’t trickin’ if you got it I’ll pay for it
Hol’ up, wait for it
Ketchup, like fake blood
My own funeral I’m late for it
Shout out to my young nigga Ace Hood
I’m fresh out the can I’m canned goods
Two handguns, my hands full
I’m young ill and so mean
I’m one pill from OD’ing
I’m high hoe, my eyes low like Korean’s
I pulled up on that
Thuggin’, bumping Golf Wang
Bitch, I’m higher than Eddie Cane
Tunechi I can have everything

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