Seth MacFarlane – Love Won’t Let You Get Away Lyrics

Artist: Seth MacFarlane
Album: Music Is Better Than Words
Genre: Comedy

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We quarreled and we spatted from morning until night
We used to think it funny
But now it isn’t quite the laughs it was before
So if you’ll open the door, I’ll bother you no more

My little chick-a-dee, you may say that you’re through with me
You’ll have no more to do with me
You’re all through with me and good day
But you’ll find that love won’t let you get away

I’ll find an area more remote than Bavaria
I’ll still get in the hair of you, in Bavaria or Bombay
And you’ll find that love won’t let you get away

It’s finis and done with, who will you have fun with?
You’re no laughs to be with, who’ll you watch TV with?
You’re no one to pine for, who’ll you chill the wine for?
This is too-da-loo, we’re through

Just leave no trace at all, hide your heart any place at all
I won’t miss your embrace at all or that face at all, come what may
Darling girl, I hope this won’t upset you
But I’d like to bet you, love won’t let you get away

Darling, you astound me, put your arms around me
But we’re through completely but you kiss so sweetly
Must you always flatter, must you always chatter
At times like this, let’s kiss

Well, here we go again, caught in love’s undertow again
Latching on to that glow again, here we go again, hip hooray
Let the cynics laugh and try to get us, their doubts won’t upset us
Love won’t let us get away

Love won’t let us get away

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